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The name of the poll creator will be visible to other users. It is optional.
If you enter your email address, we will send you an email with your participation and administration links. Your address will not be visible to other users and we will not disclose it to third parties. It is optional

Write the options. You can use the calendar if they are dates     Add a date



Do you have questions about the configuration options? Check out our FAQ section: FAQ

Anonymous Poll
Table of Votes (non-anonymous Poll)
The Anonymous Polls are adequate for anonymous voting. The Table of Votes are adequate when you want to know the preferred choice of each person (for instance to schedule the date of an event).

Allow voting one option only
Allow voting more than one option

Allow participation without an account
Require identification using one of these accounts
The Public Polls are posted in the list of public polls in the Ferendum homepage and anyone can see them and participate. Private polls can only be seen by people that know its URL address (link) because you sent it to them or post it in a web page or social network.

Hide advanced configuration

Advanced Configuration

Do not allow participants to add new options
Allow participants to add new options until the end of   and vote afterwards
Always allow adding new options
Here you can configure whether or not the participants in the poll can add new options.

Show Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and e-mail buttons   
If this option is checked the Facebook, Twitter and other social network buttons will be shown.

Do not allow comments
Allow comments
Here you can chose if the participants can post comments or not.

Use IP address to prevent dishonest votes?  
In Ferendum we use simultaneously several techniques to prevent participants from voting more than once. One of them is not to permit voting more than once from the same IP address. If you are distributing the poll among people that are within the same network (for example inside the same company or university) and you do not want anyone to have problems for voting, we recommend you to chose ‘Allow voting more than once from the same IP’. If you are distributing the poll through social networks or webs and you want more guarantees that no one votes more than once we recommend you to chose ‘Do not allow voting more than once from the same IP’. In this second case the provability from two persons sharing the same IP is very low. If you do not know what to do select ‘Let Ferendum decide’.
Let Ferendum decide
Do not allow voting more than once from the same IP (Ferendum will use it together with other techniques)
Allow voting more than once from the same IP (ferendum will use other techniques)

Anonymous Poll specific configuration

Show Results?
You can chose here if the results are visible before voting, after voting or or only to the aministrator (poll creator). If you chose 'after voting' and you check the checkbox 'Show link' the results will bot be visible before voting but there will be a link to see them.
After voting
   Show 'See results' link?
Before voting
Only the administrator will know the results

Table of votes specific configuration

Can participants delete or modify their votes?  
Here you can chose if the participants can delete or change their vote or not. You can also chose that votes can only be deleted/modified if the participant is the last to have voted so far. If you chose that the votes cannot be deleted bear in mind that users will not be able to correct errors. These options are only for ‘Tables of Votes’. In ‘Anonymous Polls’ the participants can never delete or modified their votes.
Only if there are not any new votes
Only for Tables of Votes. In Anonymous Polls the vote can never by changed.

With Ferendum you can create a poll or survey to distribute in WhatsApp groups. There is no need to install any app in your phone, just go to our web app, enter a question and the different options to be voted and send a link through WhatsApp. Your friends will vote and the results will be visible to everybody in the same page. If you need a poll in WhatsApp, Ferendum is your solution!