Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ferendum?

Ferendum is a web site or online application that allows you to create two types of online votes:
  • Anonymous votes
  • Tables of Votes (each participant can chose in a non-anonymous way its preferred option)

Each voting page is called “a Ferendum” and has its own address (link or URL). The creator of the Ferendum has to send the link to the participants by e-mail, social networks, whatsApp, Line, or post it in a web page or forum.

What are the “Anonymous Votes”?

They are online polls about any subject. For each option (possible answer) it is shown the number and percentage of votes and a color bar proportional to the number of votes.
They are commonly used for polling the opinion about any subject in an anonymous way.

An example of "Anonymous Votes" can be seen below

anonymous votes

What are the “Tables of Votes”?

The “Tables of Votes” are Ferendums in which it is shown as a table the preferred options for each participant.

The Tables of Votes are usually used as a way of reaching a common agreement in a group of people (for example to which restaurant to go or the date where everybody is available for a meeting).

An example of "Tables of Votes" can be seen below

tables of votes

What is the difference between private and public polls?

The Private Votes do not appear in the list of Public Votes and cannot appear as a result of searches in Google or other search engines. Nevertheless any person that knows the voting link can see it and participate. Usually these are persons to whom you have sent the address by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or by any other means. Bear in mind that these people can also send the link to other persons.

The Public Votes are shown in the Ferendum’s list of public votes and anyone can see them and participate.

What configuration shall I use to make sure that no one can vote twice?

Select the option “Require identification using one of this accounts” and then select one single type of account (eg. only Facebook or only Twitter). In this way each person is identified and the system will only allow him/her to vote once. We will also use simultaniuslly other techniques to prevent people with more than one account from voting more than once.

If you use a different configuration we will also try to prevent people from voting more than once but we cannot guarantee that no one manages to vote twice.

What configuration should I use to make sure that nobody has problems to vote?

You have to select the next two configuration options:
  1. Select “Table of Votes” instead of “Anonymous Votes”. If not selected the system could confuse different people from the same network as being the same person and could prevent them from voting.
  2. Select “Allow participating without an account”. In this way any person, even if it does not use social networks, will be able to participate and will be able to do it faster.

With this configuration you make sure that no one has any problem to vote but in turn we will relax the mechanism to ensure that no one votes twice so that we cannot fully guaranty that someone could manage to vote twice.

I am told that I have already voted but I did not. Why?

It can be due to one of these reasons:
  1. If the Ferendum is configured as “Anonymous Vote” perhaps you will not be able to vote if you are connected through the same network that other voters. This can happen if other people are voting from the same company, university or shared WiFi. In these cases if we are not sure if a user is the same or not that a previous user, we prevent him to vote to avoid abuses. In the “Tables of Votes” this does not happen because we reduce (but not eliminate) the antifraud mechanisms since we consider that usually there is not an interest in manipulating the results
  2. It could also mean that someone has already voted from the same computer or device.
Can you explain me all configuration options?

You have to select one of these options:

  • Anonymous Poll
  • Table of Votes (non-anonymous Poll)
The Anonymous Polls are adequate for anonymous voting. The Table of Votes are adequate when you want to know the preferred choice of each person (for instance to schedule the date of an event).

You have to select one of these options:

  • Private Poll
  • Public Poll
The Public Polls are posted in the list of public polls in the Ferendum homepage and anyone can see them and participate. Private polls can only be seen by people that know its URL address (link) because you sent it to them or post it in a web page or social network.

You have to select one of these options:

  • Allow voting one option only
  • Allow voting more than one option
Selects whether the voter can chose only one option/answer or as many as he wants.

You have to select one of these options:

  • Allow participation without an account
  • Require identification using one of these accounts
Asking the participants to authenticate using a user account in a social network or Google increases the guaranties that no one votes twice and the identity of authors of the comments is checked. If you do not ask the participants to use an account we will use alternative means to try to avoid anyone to vote more than once.

You have to select one of these options:

  • Do not allow participants to add new options
  • Allow participants to add new options until the end of dd-mm-yyyy and vote afterwards
  • Always allow adding new options
Here you can configure whether or not the participants in the poll can add new options.

You can select this option:

  • Show Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and e-mail buttons
If this option is checked the Facebook, Twitter and other social network buttons will be shown.

You have to select one of these options:

  • Do not allow comments
  • Allow comments
Here you can chose if the participants can post comments or not.

Use IP address to prevent dishonest votes?
You have to select one of these options:

  • Let Ferendum decide
  • Do not allow voting more than once from the same IP (Ferendum will use it together with other techniques)
  • Allow voting more than once from the same IP (ferendum will use other techniques)
In Ferendum we use simultaneously several techniques to prevent participants from voting more than once. One of them is not to permit voting more than once from the same IP address. If you are distributing the poll among people that are within the same network (for example inside the same company or university) and you do not want anyone to have problems for voting, we recommend you to chose ‘Allow voting more than once from the same IP’. If you are distributing the poll through social networks or webs and you want more guarantees that no one votes more than once we recommend you to chose ‘Do not allow voting more than once from the same IP’. In this second case the provability from two persons sharing the same IP is very low. If you do not know what to do select ‘Let Ferendum decide’.

Table of votes specific configuration
Can participants delete or modify their votes?
You have to select one of these options:

  • No
  • Yes
Here you can chose if the participants can delete or change their vote or not. You can also chose that votes can only be deleted/modified if the participant is the last to have voted so far. If you chose that the votes cannot be deleted bear in mind that users will not be able to correct errors. These options are only for ‘Tables of Votes’. In ‘Anonymous Polls’ the participants can never delete or modified their votes.

Anonymous Poll specific configuration
Show Results?
You have to select one of this options:

  • After voting
  •    Show 'See results' link?
  • Before voting
  • Only the administrator will know the results
You can chose here if the results are visible before voting, after voting or or only to the aministrator (poll creator). If you chose 'after voting' and you check the checkbox 'Show link' the results will bot be visible before voting but there will be a link to see them.

Is it possible to delete or change my vote?

In the “Anonymous Votes” it is not since we consider there are not reasons for it.

In the “Table of Votes” usually each participant can change its own vote and after that he/she can vote again. However the change and the previous vote will always be recorded and all participants will be able to see what was the previous vote. Deleting the vote is useful to correct errors or when the poll has been used, for example, to select the day of a meeting and the availability of a person has changed. Nevertheless if the web browser is configured to delete or not accept cookies, it will not be possible to delete the votes.

The administrator (creator of the poll) cannot delete or modify votes except its own one.

Can the administrator modify the configuration settings after creating the vote?

The administrator (vote creator) has access to an administration page where it is possible to edit the configuration settings or finish the voting but it cannot manipulate the results.

Can the administrator change the results

The administrator (vote creator) cannot change the results.

I have found bugs or I have ideas about how to improve Ferendum. Can I contact you?

We are continually improving Ferendum and we are looking forward to get comments from users about how to improve the service. Please, send us your comments.

Can I help with the translation of Ferendum to other languages?

If you are a native speaker (or have a close to native level) of a language not available in Ferendum and you want to help us to translate it, do not hesitate to contact us. You can help us to translate the entire site or just a part of it. We have all the texts separated in one single file so it is easy to translate it.

Is it totally free?

Ferendum is totally free of charge. Thanks to the advertisements we can offer this service for free.